Re: Prototype info from model mfgs

Tim O'Connor

Charlie Vlk wrote

My guess is that we are talking about a small potential market,
because the people that are interested in the correct repack dates
on cars are probably not buying a Branchline-level boxcar anyway
(with no slight to Branchline)

That's a strange thing to say. Detail-obsessed modelers are the very
reason that Branchline was able to bring out such excellent freight
and passenger car models, and why Branchline spent a lot of money to
redo their first 40 foot box car kit. I have a lot of resin cars but
I also have plenty of Branchline, Red Caboose, P2K, Intermountain,
Athearn, Atlas and other excellent models to keep them company. And
I am very interested in correct reweigh and repack stencils!!

Tim O'Connor

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