Re: Prototype info from model mfgs

Charlie Vlk


It wasn't meant as a slight to Branchline or their product line.....

I know they have many variations in their tooling and an extensive line.

But when you get down to matching a particular car / roadnumber / paint scheme to a model there are all sorts of details that work against a model being dead nuts accurate for the prototype.... even if the basic carbody is more or less correct. Location of tackboards, door hardware, and other small details cannot be accurate for many different roadnames much less cars in different lots or portions of a single lot in some cases.

I seem to recall a thread here commenting about the number of boards in a tackboard on a new product.

Given the small window when any given date / location of reweigh and repack stencils are valid, my inclination might be to leave them off entirely.... but that is balanced off by the fact that the greater market does either does not care if such small lettering (even in HO) is kosher for their time period or would rather have the "texture" of it being there until they "get around to" reworking the stenciling.
It is probable that many manufacturers are not going to have the photos to do multiples of the same car with data that matches a particular roadnumber anyway as finding good, clear shots of enough cars within a series and producing individual art for each car is not likely and best left for the advanced modeler who can refinish the car to their own tastes.

Perhaps Bill S. can weigh in here since he was responsible for Branchline's direction in the freight and passenger car products....

Charlie Vlk


That's a strange thing to say. Detail-obsessed modelers are the very
reason that Branchline was able to bring out such excellent freight
and passenger car models, and why Branchline spent a lot of money to
redo their first 40 foot box car kit. I have a lot of resin cars but
I also have plenty of Branchline, Red Caboose, P2K, Intermountain,
Athearn, Atlas and other excellent models to keep them company. And
I am very interested in correct reweigh and repack stencils!!

Tim O'Connor


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