Re: Prototype info from model mfgs

Charlie Vlk

Kadee cars are not in the same product category as other brands...... the line is a low-production high customization botique operation which makes some spectacular products... at a corresponding cost.
We are fortunate to have some companies that can have mostly vertically integrated operations capable of producing product in the US, but most companies cannot afford to have such low volume complex tooling and produce so few copies of unique items.

I recall the hue and cry from HO guys when the P2K kits came out that LifeLike had the nerve to charge seven bucks for an unassembled model!! And, while the marketplace has shifted more towards to the paying for quality end of things there still is some resistance to high end freight cars (although some cars are selling quite well in spite of a (gulp!!) $45 price tag!!).

I was talking more about the mid-range cars that have higher production and more general distribution....

Charlie Vlk

Well.....Let me see.......How many problems have we seen with Kadee's offerings?Armand Premo


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