Re: Prototype accuracy: a mfr's viewpoint

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Jim King notes:

"Second, as for collecting info to make kits or RTR "right", this is all a
matter of economics for the manufacturer. There are at least 2 very basic
differences between resin kit makers and mass-production houses like Athearn
and Kadee. (1) resin kit makers usually target prototypes that were
obscure, maybe ran on only 1 road or had several variations that could be
handled by supplying parts that the modeler chooses to apply and..."

Just to avoid misleading those that might not be aware, and while some rather obscure cars may have been produced by resin makers, this cedrtainly is not the usual case. Westerfield has done both the USRA SS and DS box cars, several versions of MP and Frisco SS box cars, and various GN SS and DS box cars, and the UP B-50-20, Sunshine has produced the NP 40 ft box car with radial roofs, CB&Q SS box cars along with various SP SS box cars among the literaly thousands of cars they have produced, etc., etc. I mention only those that I have sitting on tracks within viewing distance.

To add to that, the Standard Tank Car models that SC&F is producing are certainly not obscure and to even suggest that the UP/SP Harriman headend cars that SC&F is producing are "obscure" is tantamount to referring to the the Santa Fe as an eastern RR...and we all know better than that now.<G>.

Mike Brock

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