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I picked up one of the new models. I understand the deck issues.
were these cars fitted with when built. The B&O Modeler has one
photo of a P-25a and it has 70 ton spring plank trucks. I'm
the IM Trucks should be replaced.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY
Yes, it is clear from the photos on the Elwood site that the trucks
70-ton spring plank trucks.

FB 9432 <> - Newark NJ -
08/07/83 - {Karl Geffchen Photo} - B end

What other 70-ton truck would you use?

Bob Witt
I forgot to add that the later class P-31, the current lettering from
InterMountain, used 70-ton spring-plankless trucks as seen in this photo
from the Elwood site.

FB 9719 <> -
- 03/77 - {Gary Overfield Collection}

Bob Witt

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