Re: PRR H21e quad hopper with riveted side stakes


Phil -

I just received the Teichmoeller book, and the two photos of H21e's on page 158 do indeed represent the "O" scale model that Bob Parri made. The only difference is that Parri's model has the ladder on the left of the carside - a later addition for ease in servicing the AB brakes, apparently. Taking the ladder stile off the model, there is already a rivet in the proper place under it! Easy to backdate.

I wish someone would publish the remainder of the 1947-era photos in the Charles collection! I love every one of them so far!

Thanks again!

A.T. Kott

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Phil -

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I am now going to have to purchase that book.

It is very true that Bob Parri was a craftsman and made few mistakes! I have been adding small details to a series of his NYC/P&LE/PMcK&Y USRA steel gondolas, and continue to marvel at his skill. He made an amazing 800 or so brass cars in a 12 year period. That is really impressive, considering how few cars I have done in a decade.

A.T. Kott

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See Teichmoeller book page 158. Photo of PRR h-21e 714303 and 745759. Both are riveted construction. Bob Parri was a craftsman not an importer. He did a lot of research, had much help and made few mistakes.
Phil Marcus

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