Re: PRR H21e quad hopper with riveted side stakes + H21b's


Steve -

Thank you very much for pointing out the H21b photo to me. I purchased a copy of Teichmoeller on Amazon and just received it. The photo is a great help!

When PSC imported their "O" scale model of an "H21a" back in the 1980's, I recall that their sales newsletter had prototype photos of the interior of a prototype car. The PSC model faithfully copied that interior shot. The flat-topped centersill led me to believe that the model was really an H21b. The remainder of the interior is pure H21a, and therefore not an H21e. The centersill on the model is not correct for an H21a, but probably represents the H21b - PSC must have had plans from someone, because this detail does not show in most photos.

In addition to the PRR cars in the book, I was excited to see photos of an N&W H-3 as leased to B&O. My time frame is April, 1948. The lease to B&O was from 1944 "through 1948" according to the book. The April 1948 ORER lists about 45 of the leased N&W cars (out of 2,000) still in the B&O roster. The January 1948 ORER lists about 150 under lease; the July 1947 ORER has more than 650 in the B&O roster. The lease must have been tapering off. I have too many N&W hoppers - a favorite of "O" scale importers along with C&O - so am glad to have my H-2 finished in B&O paint, with a couple of minor modifications!

Thank you again!

A.T. Kott

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A. T.--In the Teichmoeller book, p. 157, H21b 744007, shown in Harrisburg, 1948.

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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