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Bill Schneider

Almost certainly off limits, but before the jail door slams...

Most of today's rolling stock and locomotive models are limited production, produced to order. Regardless of what our thoughts might be on this, that's the way it is. This means that dealers often have one shot, the product comes in, and (hopefully for them) goes out. There is rarely the opportunity to go back for more. All of which makes the printed catalog as we know it pretty much obsolete. Better to talk to the dealer before ordering and not rely on a catalog, no matter how timely it may seem to be.

Uh oh..... Here come 'da judge... ! :>)

Bill Schneider

From: Tim O'Connor
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Caveat emptor, Armand. Choose well.

This may very well be off limits,but I am beginning to be extremely
frustrated with certain dealers who print elaborate catalogues and find that
a large percentage of the items included are either discontinued or out of
stock.Deceptive advertising or wishful thinking?Armand Premo

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