Re: Dealers

Tim O'Connor

I will add I recently discovered that on the Walthers web page,
you can create an order and have this order fulfilled through a
hobby shop dealer of your choice. Your dealer receives a copy of
the order by email, and I suppose some other paperwork like an
invoice to the dealer... And Walthers keeps their inventory up to
date so you can tell when you order if the item is in stock or
not in stock, and whether you want to "back order" (or reserve a
future item) or not. The nice thing is that if your dealer gives
you a discount then the "price" shown by Walthers (usually MSRP)
is not what you will actually pay - your discount will not be
affected by this method.

Tim O'Connor

Almost certainly off limits, but before the jail door slams...

Most of today's rolling stock and locomotive models are limited production, produced to order. Regardless of what our thoughts might be on this, that's the way it is. This means that dealers often have one shot, the product comes in, and (hopefully for them) goes out. There is rarely the opportunity to go back for more. All of which makes the printed catalog as we know it pretty much obsolete. Better to talk to the dealer before ordering and not rely on a catalog, no matter how timely it may seem to be.

Uh oh..... Here come 'da judge... ! :>)

Bill Schneider

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