Re: Re-trucking with TMW Dalman 2-level


Problem solved similar to Rob's solution. I have a couple of RC-37210 factory assembled cars with Accurail sideframes with unknown semi-scale wheel sets (with tapers steel axles which are out of gauge and unable to free whells on the axle).

My solution: removed draft angle from top of side frame but clearance went from negative to zero. That is when I checked the coupler height against the KD gauge and found the carbody too low. I then added a 0.005 washer to the truck bolster and everything is OK.

John Greedy

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I had exactly the same issue, but the solution to be an easy one. I
have an early run CGW AAR box, stock # RC-7048-1, and added the TMW
trucks with Intermountain semi-scale wheel sets. I solved the problem
by adding a red 0.015 thick fiber washer from Kadee to each bolster.
With this configuration and Kadee #58 couplers, the car mated perfectly
with a Kadee coupler height gauge.

Regards, Rob Adams

sctry wrote:

In my effort to upgrade my Red Caboose CGW X-29 style boxcars with the
new TMW Dalman trucks I have a problem. It appears that the TMW Dalman
truck side frame interferes with the carbody bolster by about 0.010".
Anyone else with this problem?

Shims between the body and truck bolster will result in the coupler
being too high. I am considering removing the modeling draft from the
top of the truck sideframe to gain clearance but that may only gain
about 0.005". Suggestions please.

John Greedy

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