Re: Dealers

Dave Nelson

Tim O'Connor wrote:
I will add I recently discovered that on the Walthers web page, you
can create an order and have this order fulfilled through a hobby
shop dealer of your choice. Your dealer receives a copy of the order
by email, and I suppose some other paperwork like an invoice to the
dealer... And Walthers keeps their inventory up to date so you can
tell when you order if the item is in stock or not in stock, and
whether you want to "back order" (or reserve a future item) or not.
The nice thing is that if your dealer gives you a discount then the
"price" shown by Walthers (usually MSRP) is not what you will
actually pay - your discount will not be affected by this method.

Tim O'Connor

FWIW I wrote to Bruce Walthers, oh, more than ten years ago (it was way back
when you ran the FCL via e-mail Tim and Netscape was the new thing) and
described for him how Kodak used this exact process for film development
(mail to Kodak, pick up at drug store). His reply indicated he thought it
was a great idea. Am curious how long it took between then and whenver this
process was made available. Anyone know?

Dave Nelson

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