Re: CP slabside hoppers

Doug Polinder

Bob Lucas asked: "Anyone know what trucks were found on CPR's smooth side covered hoppers
(CP 380000-380200)?  These were the original series with 10-hatches
built by National Steel Car in 1948.  Also, any image sources showing
the delivered paint scheme for these interesting prototype cars is

Bob, the August 1986 _RMC_ had an article on the prototype CP and CN slabsides.  There is an image of the 380000, but it is small and the trucks are somewhat dark.  Purportedly the September 1986 issue had an article on modeling these cars, but I do not have the issue and cannot confirm if there are any useful photos in it.  In David Hickcox' _Great Northern in Color Volume I: Lines West_, p. 37, there is a partial image in color of what appears to be CP 380294 (unfortunately not the series you are asking about), in CP's basic black with small gothic lettering dating from about 1960.  The author of the _RMC_ article does not address the source of the trucks, only the builders of the cars (some in the railroads' own shops, some NSC, some CCF).

Doug Polinder

Grand Rapids MI

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