Re: Trucks for A CP slabside hopper


In regard to my post regarding the CP Slab Side Covered Hoppers, I failed to answer the base question which was "What type of trucks ran beneath these cars. The series covered in the publication that I cited was the next group, 380201-380250 and 380256-380227, above that which Scott had asked about.

I have compared the trucks trucks in the photo of the model and those on the cover (#s 380227 and 380256) and they are a close match to Brian Leppert's Tahoe Model Works AAR Double Truss Spring plankless 50-Ton Trucks. The prototype utilized a 70-Ton truck of similar design. I think you can get away with using the Tahoe truck (TMW-107 Double Truss AAR 50-Ton Trucks with wheelsets @$6.25 pair or TMW-207 Double Truss AAR 50-Ton Trucks, with "semi-scaleā€ wheelsets @$6.25 pair - shameless plug for Brian!).

Intermountain makes a 70-ton truck which is almost identical to the Tahoe truck with the same side frame, but when I bought Reboxx wheel sets for it, I found that each end of the Intermountain side frame took a different axle length wheelset.

I would use the Tahoe 50-Ton AAR truck that is a MUCH better truck in comparison, because it would really really be hard to tell the difference between a 50-Ton truck and that of a 70-Ton truck in this particular case.

Hope that this helps!


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