Re: Blue Coal Hoppers

Malcolm H. Houck

What is the time period when the "blue coal" P/L was
applied to hoppers by the Anthracite roads? To which
roads and cars was it applied?

"Blue Coal" was a marketing tool used by the Glen
Alden Coal Co. of Huber, Pennsylvania. Glen Alden
was owned by the DL&W and so, if at all used on cars,
the "Blue Coal" advertising would be limited to cars
of the Lackawanna.

Some years ago Mantua made a run of triple hoppers
that were painted blue and were lettered with the "Blue
Coal" registered trademark logo and immense billboard
lettering of "Blue Coal." Aside from a misuse of a triple
hopper, the reporting marks were "RDG" and not for
DL&W. . . .

Never having seen a "Blue Coal" lettered hopper or photo
image, and suspecting further that, if used at all, it was
on but a very, very few cars and then I neither can offer
any answer to when such lettering was used.

Mal Houck

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