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In Classic Freight Cars the Series Vol. 3 40' Refrigerator cars page 51
there is a photo of WIF reefer 724. It is a full page photo so a lot of
detail can be seen. The caption says the car was rebuilt by FGE at their
Jacksonville shops in 1955 but please confirm this statement independently.
Accurail did this lettering scheme as a special a number of years ago, following this specific photo.

There is also a photo of WIF 314, a 40' boxcar with what appears to be an 8' door on page 43 of Classic Freight Cars Vol.1. Notable differences appear in the steamship herald, other than the fact that one is white on a FCR car and the other is black on a yellow car; the black ship on the reefer has a single stack and a pointed prow (lots of shear on the prow) while the ship painted on the boxcar has a near vertical prow, a longer superstructure, and several masts in addition to the stack. Both have the F in a diamond on the stack and say FLORIDA - HAVANNA on the hull.


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