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It was yellow Futura Medium on brown.

Al Kresse

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There was another time marker in the C&O For Progress logo, when the line above the train went from
a wavy line indicating steam locomotive smoke, to a straight line, which came about because of

What was the official date for this transition?


Nevermind my question regarding Kadee not doing the C&O PS-1's
from 16000-16999 series. Ed Hawkins discussed these in Dec 2003
and it sounds like there may be a (rather esoteric) difference
in how the ends were attached to the car sides that differs in
some way from the Kadee model. Sheesh. I like the C&O cars with
yellow letters and I wish there were models available...

Tim O'Connor

40' PS-1 box cars with 8' doors #16000-17999 were delivered starting in late 1950, with yellow
lettering (sans-serif.)
(#16249 blt 12-50; #17099 blt 8-51.)

The yellow didn't hold up well, and some of these cars turn up in mid-50s photos relettered in
the standard style (white
roman) that was used before and after them.
In 1957 yellow lettering started to make a comeback.

Scott Pitzer

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