Re: C&O "For Progress"

Tim O'Connor

To answer some of my questions, I found an 11 year old email from
Ed Hawkins from the old freight cars mailing list. This email only
discusses new car paint schemes but does not tackle the issue of
repaints (if there were any).

Tim O'Connor

C&O definitely was experimenting with paint schemes in the late 1950s. Paint
data from an ACF 50' box car built 10-55 (series 28250-28999) had mineral
brown sides with black ends, underframe, and trucks. Roof was unpainted
galvanized steel and lettering was white. Two series of ACF cars built in 1957
were painted black with yellow lettering. I don't have the ACF paint specs on
these two series but color photos clearly show this scheme. Refer to Northern
Pacific Color Pictorial (Vol 1) - page 12 for a photo of a 40' box car (series
19000-19499). The car shown behind a steam switcher was built by ACF in April
1957. In the relatively new C&O Color Guide (Morning Sun) book - page 28, a
photo of 50' box car 19658 (ACF 5-57) is shown in new paint (black with yellow
lettering). This car is from series 19500-19999. Both of these black/yellow
box cars have a 9' door opening.

Yet another scheme is shown in the C&O Color Guide - page 30. The car is
#27875, built ACF 9-59 from series 27750-27999. It is painted black with white
lettering and still shows the ACF builder's logo with what appears to be the
original paint scheme. The reweigh date in the photo is 6-63 and the caption
states the car was photographed in 1967. The black paint is faded to the point
of appearing dark gray. ACF paint specs were not available on this series of
cars as well. This series had a 15' door opening with the 7' & 8' doors.

I would imagine that the 50' cars will be available soon from Branchline
Trains. The 40' car will require modification with a 9' door.

During the early 1960s I have seen some C&O cars painted blue with yellow
lettering, but I am getting out of my "era" so I will let someone else discuss
the blue cars!

Ed Hawkins

Carrying this C&O discussion further --

When did C&O begin to paint box cars with black paint?

I've seen photos of black cars with yellow lettering, and black cars
with white lettering.

Were the two lettering colors used at the same time on different cars,
or did some black cars get one color lettering, and then they switched
to another lettering color on black?

Were all repainted box cars painted black for a period of time, or did
only certain cars get black paint?

Were any new cars delivered in black paint? With what color letters?

Tim O'Connor

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