Re: 200-349 Series WIF Box Cars


Dave Siebert referred to the article in the "Mainline Modeler" of May 1988, pages 52-54, regarding the ACF Dartnaught #200 series of WIF box cars. This was a well written article by Jeff English on how to construct models of this car series utilizing a Front Range kit which was the closest model available at the time.

I built two cars from this article which turned out fairly well considering that the Front Range kits were for ACF cars built after 1954 while the WIF cars were built in 1952.

Speedwitch Media is supposed to bring out kits for the following WIF cars sometime this fall or coming spring:
West India Fruit & Steamship Company 40'Rebuilt Box Car, Series 500-649, with Steel Plated Sides and Sheet Steel Wrapped End Structural Members.

Photos of these cars lined up alongside of a pier in Jeff's article.

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