Early CNW Airslides & Athearn model

Bill Welch

One of the Airslide schemes I would like to do is the initial group the CNW received, which used a very unique CNW on the sides that was rather tall and narrow, what I would call rather stylized and perhaps unique to their early Airslides. Does anyone know, probably a CNW modeler, if this lettering has ever been done in decals or dry transfers?

Regarding the actual Athearn model, I received four undecorateds yesterday. This is a beautiful model! Many small separate detail parts and the body is shipped w/little reinforcing braces attached to the delicate vertical posts on each end that are designed to protect them until the model is built and then to be cut out. The dogs or screw downs on the hatch covers look a little large to me but I have not compared them to photos yet to see if the proportions are actually right or not. The one I opened had two sets of trucks, which meant extra wire parts since they are packaged together. The trucks are the same pseudo Ride Control truck Athearn has used for years.

When my normal source for kits let me know Horizon Hobbies was already sold out, I was able to get four from "Mainline Hobbies" in Blue Ridge Summit, PA and to make sure I backed this order up with a duplicate amount form Caboose Hobbies. I say this in case any of you may be looking for possible sources of these undecs. My extras are already promised.

Bill Welch

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