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I there are more than 70 box car images here. I was just trolling among the Railroad section and there are nearly 300 box car images. Some were taken after the endpoint of our discussion list, but many were taken in the 1940s and 1950s. Here's a short list of what I've seen.

Columbus & Greenville 3249 - A single-sheathed car with Dreadnaught ends and a radial roof.
Duluth South Shore and Atlantic 15096 - A post-war, steel-sheathed car with carbuilders ends (I think).
Illinois Central 44180 - A 50-foot, steel-sheathed, double-door car.
Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac 2538 - A USRA single-sheathed car.
Lancaster and Chesterfield 915 - A 1932 ARA steel-sheathed car (?).
Great Northern 18007 - A post-war, steel-sheathed car.
Pere Marquette 71340 - A 50-foot, steel-sheathed, double-door car.
Illinois Northern 1412 - A very funky-looking, single sheathed, door and a half car. Not certain if this is 40 or 50 foot.
St. Louis and San Fransisco 128489 - A steel rebuilt, USRA double-sheathed car.
Akron, Canton and Youngstown 3645 - A 50-foot, steel-sheathed, single-door car.
Wellsville Addison and Galeton 6075 - 1923 ARA XM-1, single-sheathed car.
Georgia Railway 39436 - A steel rebuild of a 1923 ARA XM-1, single-sheathed car.
Duluth Missabe and Iron Range 3243 - Double-sheathed car with steel fishbelly centersill. This one looks like a pre-WWI car.
Reading 18804 - Steel rebuild with double-doors.
Manufacturers Railway 7536 - Mather single-sheathed car.
Maine Central 5654 - 1923 ARA XM-2 steel car.
Chicago & Illinois Midland 8396 - Mather single-sheathed car.
Des Moines & Central Iowa 2168 - A single-sheathed, 50-foot, double door car. Sheathing may be steel.
Clinchfield #8291 - A USRA single-sheathed car with CC&O reporting marks.
Mystic Terminal 70110 - A USRA double-sheathed car, with AB brake system.

The search page is here:

Enter railroad into the keyword and hit the search button to troll through over 2500 images. Using the subject search box and entering Railroads - Cars or Railroads - Freight will net more images.

Most of the box car images I viewed are credited to Walter Edwin Frost. Is anyone here familiar with this photographer?

The copyright status is noted as public domain for many of the Frost images.


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