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Ian Cranstone

On 2-Sep-09, at 11:31 AM, Rob Kirkham wrote:

Having looked through the collection of prints and negatives in the
archives, I infer that Mr. Frost worked locally around the Vancouver area
for a few decades starting in the mid 1930's.
There's a page on the site which notes that he was born c. 1884 and died in 1976, and seemingly kept photographing into the 1970s.
While his earlier photos may technically be public domain, you won't get
decent quality prints from the web page and so you'll be stuck paying the
City of Vancouver's fees for use. They start around $20.00 for a 8x 10
glossy print (or a CD image) and go up if you want to publish. Further, I
believe his gift of them to the City was on pretty strict terms about giving
proper credit and other limitations on the use of the photos. All something
to discuss with an archivist if your need is to do more than just get a

I went ahead and ordered a number of photographs from the Frost collection (the copyright holder is noted as the City of Vancouver), and checked the "Other" box instead of the "Fair Use" box on the website order form. I opted to receive digital scans (8x10's are the same price at $17 each -- and one supposes are probably printed from the same scans), and there is a small shipping charge levied as well. I received this reply later the same day:

"We have received your online order, thank you, and processed payment against the credit card.
We anticipate your order will be in the mail by the end of the week, so you may wish to watch your mailbox thereafter.

"Most of the images ordered are under copyright. It is the responsibility of the User to determine copyright status and ensure copyright compliance.

"Please note, there is a photographer's restriction on the images. The photographer's name, Walter E. Frost, is to be credited with the image. All other crediting requirements still apply.

"If the image is being used in a publication, kindly forward the complimentary copy to the City of Vancouver Archives.
Thank you for your order and for using the services of the City of Vancouver Archives."


I wasn't queried as to my plans for "Other" (which at the moment are mostly research, but may well include publication in the pages of CN LINES), nor are the terms onorous -- the C. Robert Craig Memorial Library here in Ottawa has essentially the same terms, although probably charges a little less for services due to the all-volunteer nature of the operation (and the free support provided by the City of Ottawa Archives).

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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