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gary laakso

Take a look at pix features a rollerbear equipped wheel set being lifted into the back of what could be a former NYC express reefer that now has a large opening cut in the back and rails added to the interior of the car. I did find the obligatory N&W gon in the yard but it is hauling scrap steel.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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Got this link from Gib Albrech and it is very worthwhile. Use "a" for the search term to get all 24 pages of images. Some good shots of GS gons being rebuilt with corrugated panels and other freight car-related subjects.
Charlie Vlk

Follow this link:

Click on "Browse the Collection"

Many interior shots of the 1936 Denver Zephyr, the Vista Dome Twin Zephyrs, steam locomotives, etc. Excellent photo history of the "Q" in the late 1940s. Shovelnoses, E5s and E7s.

Its worth your time to take a look at another bygone era in railroading BEFORE Amtrak. .

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