Tim and Brian: When I referred to the DTI's 40-ft X31c double door round roof boxcars as "clones" on another list, I was corrected by Rich Orr, who said it thusly:

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These were not X31 clones. The were X31 and subclass cars which were
originally leased by the PRR to the DT&I and subsequently sold to
the DT&I. The
cars were carried in the PRR listings in the ORER for a period of
time with a
note leased to DT&I. I don't have or have access to the issue of
the ORER
when they were dropped so I can't tell when the sale took place.

Rich Orr
So taking this and additional info from NP records, it appears these boxcars were built in 1937 by Greenville Steel Co. to PRR plans and for the PRR as original owner. They were popular cars; DT&I bought them after their initial lease, and after the DT&I sold them to A.A. Morrison in the 1960s for lease to the NP, that road too later bought them. These were among the few lots among the many refurbished boxcars it leased that the NP decided were worth purchasing outright.

I'm presently working on an article on the NP's X31 design leaser boxcars and if anyone has further information on their history, or can offer up a publishable in-service photograph in their DT&I life, I'd much appreciate hearing about it.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Yes, that's right Brian. That's why I didn't write "ex-PRR X31c". :-)


DTI 12128
From series 12000-12399 built 1937, these are PRR X31c round roof
box cars
I think these were just clones of Pennsy round roof box cars, and never owned by PRR. The trucks under these cars were Self-Aligning Double Truss Spring Plankless with Coil-Elliptic spring package (a favorite truck of DT&I's) and not PRR's 2D-F12 coil-elliptic truck.

Tahoe Model Works's new Coil-Elliptic truck is a close match, if you don't mind the spring plank detail.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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