Great Northern 34'-4" coal & ore car, Series 180371-180766

gary laakso

I am working on the Funaro & Camerlengo version of this car (its from the 1995 AW Enterprises urethane kit of this car) and noticed that it omits the 40 rivets on the side sill wood beam shown in the book Great Northern Lines East book at page 184. Plus, both versions of the kits omitted the outside airline. Eyeballing the that picture, it appears that the Arch Decals size .014 rivets are the closest in size. It looks like the air brake pipe holders can be the odd round head part used for holding the grab iron on the end walks. I have not located any area to hold any weight, so this car will need a coal load, so the top of the car braces will have to be added after the coal load is inside covering a weight.
If these modifications work, I will need to update my 1995 version of this kit, though i likes its Central Valley archbar trucks. One question, the rear of the car shown in the picture only shows the car number, not the GN reporting marks. Is that unusual for this type of car?

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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