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"Romanes eunt domus" from "Life of Brian", perhaps??

Mandatory viewing for STMFC members that are also students of language, or have been corrected and/or admonished online. As i may be shortly.

But before that happens, a thought as to that wheel diameter question. The number 33 appears in rail lengths a hundred years ago, when rail was rolled in 33-foot lengths. Or two rods--1 rod=16'-6".


Steve Lucas.

Steve Lucas.

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ThereĀ¹s a whole Monty Python routine there, but I am loathe to incur the
moderatorĀ¹s wrath.

Brian Ehni

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Well Al, what did the romans ever do for us?


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Can we blame it on the Romans?

Al Kresse

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Why and when did the use of 33 inch wheels become standard on freight cars?


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