Tim O'Connor


I was VERY bummed to read that the trucks you made were not
correct for the DT&I cars because of the spring plank. Did I
understand that correctly? That means they're also not correct
for the NP exDT&I cars. :-(

Tim O'Connor

These cars are listed as DT&I #12000-12399 in the April 1938 ORER. I cannot find any mention of them being leased from PRR in that issue.

Maybe Pennsy paid for them, but I'll argue that they were built new for the DT&I and never operated by Pennsy. My opinion is based solely that they don't have the expected PRR 2D-F12 trucks, but rather a truck favored by DT&I.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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Tim and Brian: When I referred to the DTI's 40-ft X31c double door round roof boxcars as "clones" on another list, I was corrected by Rich Orr, SNIP

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