Re: Corrected Ends for Central Valley NP stock car

Greg Martin


What are the cost of the ends? With the $20.00 minium in mind I have plans to do at least two cars on my own (they seemed to show up regularly in PRR traffic). ?I had discuss this just?before the meet we just had in Salem, OR and I had made my "Marching Orders" of "no selling" at the meet too broad (it was not intended to eliminate Hisitorical Society sales or some small "invited sales") and I will?not make that mistake next year. So, the NPRHA didn't bring them, my bad... So let me know off line what we can do collectively with whomever is interested. What trucks do we need as well? Might as well get that covered at the same time.


Greg Martin

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I admit I had not noticed this detail. I may have to forget that the car is too wide and build it w/o using these parts.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Bill Welch

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Don't forget the minimum order from the NPRHA Company Store is $20.

Matt Herson

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Subject: [STMFC] Corrected Ends for Central Valley NP stock car

I notice that the NPHS offers corrected ends for the CV stock car to
properly narrow the car, but they offer them packaged to do four
cars. As I only want to do one car, I am wondering if there is anyone
on this list that has one pair they want to sell? Alternatively, are
there 1-3 people who want to split up a packet?

Bill Welch
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