RP CYC #1 & C&BT SFRD reefers sighting

Bill Welch

I visited the Happy Hobo hobby shop yesterday in Tampa as it is
prototype modeling oriented and relatively close for me, 18 miles. HH
has one copy of RP CYC in case one of you is looking to complete
their collection.

Also in stock are the following undec. C&BT SFRD reefers kits: 7000,
7200,7300, 7500, 7600, 7700, and 7800. These are described on the
Walthers website. While Sunshine via Charley Slater has covered these
in resin, they are only about $13.

Here is the HH contact info: 4040 W Waters Ave # 1100; Tampa, FL
33614-8155; (813) 886-5072

Bill Welch

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