Re: Corrected Ends for Central Valley NP stock car


Steve: Actually the "new" color of the NP stock cars was the NP's standard mineral red, which is a shade of boxcar red that runs heavily to rusty red-orange. On some cars this color shifted toward Tuscan with age, but actually far less so on wood than metal cars (yes the NP's 50s-built steel-sided Pig Palace stock cars were darkening toward Tuscan by the time they slipped off the purview of this list...). The wood stock cars like the CV model didn't get frequent repaints, so they tended to go from mineral red to slightly-redder peeling mineral red with gray bleached wood and oxidized gray metal roof.

Chris Frissell
Rivetenumerator, MT

--- In, "Steve Sandifer" <steve.sandifer@...> wrote:
I was real proud of the car I built until I went over to Mike Spoors layout and saw that it was 1' too wide and painted it the wrong color (should be Tuscan).

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