Re: Corrected Ends for Central Valley NP stock car

Tim O'Connor


A formula that looks pretty good on the stock cars IMO:

1 part Floquil #74 box car red
1 part Floquil #88 DH10 caboose red

The above was recommended in Mainline Modeler 8/1990. I'd say
it resembles aged paint, not fresh paint.

Tim O'Connor

At 9/8/2009 07:47 PM Tuesday, you wrote:
Not having access to the cited article, a dumb question: what has to
be done to the floor, underframe, and roof in order to use these ends?

-Clark Cooper

On Sep 8, 2009, at 5:19 AM, Bill Welch wrote:

I notice that the NPHS offers corrected ends for the CV stock car to
properly narrow the car, but they offer them packaged to do four
cars. As I only want to do one car, I am wondering if there is anyone
on this list that has one pair they want to sell? Alternatively, are
there 1-3 people who want to split up a packet?

Bill Welch

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