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Bruce Smith


I don't think you're going to be happy with the results with very thin wrappers, whatever you use. The problem with things such as bare metal foil is that it shows the contours of what is beneath it... tank car courses do not. Even 0.005" styrene needs to be handled carefully so as not to show a bump where the adjacent course is beneath it. FWIW, bare metal foil takes and holds paint nicely.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Sep 8, 2009, at 8:01 PM, Rob Kirkham wrote:

I'm working on a tank car model, and want to add tank courses that are
slimmer than the .005" styrene sheet available from Evergreen. I feel the
thickness is an issue especially when modelling areas where multiple
overlapping radial courses are themselves overlapped by another sheet. On
tanks with a horizontal lower course and radial upper courses, this
situation is often found along the long horizontal seam at the top edges of
the lower course.

I have considered using Bare Metal Foil, but it is a product largely unknown
to me and I am not confident of my ability to paint it and keep the paint
from scratching off over time. I also think its a bit too slim for the
purpose. I prefer to use something closer to styrene if there is a viable

To that end, I wonder whether anyone on list has used the various plastic
shim materials sold by McMaster-Carr. I do not see thin styrene, but they
include polyester sheet materials in several thicknesses that are slimmer
than .005" styrene. If you have used the polyester sheet, I'd like to hear
what you thought of it, including:

- does it have a smooth finish suitable for modelling a steel panel?

- how does it work with glues? and

- how do model paints adhere to it?

For example, will solvent type cement bond it to styrene? Alternatively,
what about CA?
Can any of you suggest another product that might fit the purpose better?

Thanks in advance

Rob Kirkham


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