Re: Walthers Decals

Charlie Vlk

For that matter, does anyone on the list know what the disposition of the Walthers Decal line material ended up being?
The entire line was offered for sale a couple of years ago, but just what was offered I don't know. I would assume anything really valuable
(original reference material, inked drawings, etc..) would have been picked over and retained by Walther's R&D department long since.
The value of the early typeset-based decals (Walthers, Champ) is somewhat questionable since the advent of computers has allowed us to
develop very accurate artwork.... there was a great deal of standard typefaces and generic data included in older sets.
The old lines did have one big advantage... they could take photos of steam era freight cars and get source materials from the railroads and
carbuilders, so some of the artwork was very accurate for certain elements of the decals.
Charlie Vlk

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