Hopper Car with box car roof

atsfsd26 <davenorth@...>

Sorry everyone,
I forgot to change the subject line in my previous post. By coincidence, I'm looking for some of the roofs for ATSF hopper cars that Bob was asking about

I'm looking for 2 or 3 sets of Sunshine kit M1 MINI. These were 2 ATSF
covered hopper roofs & parts for conversion of Stewart 3-bay hoppers to ATSF grain cars.

The Sunshine catalog says these were/are only available at meets, and as I live in Australia, sadly I don't see myself attending one of those anytime soon.

If you have any that are surplus to needs please email me at
davenorth at optusnet dot com dot au and let me knowwhat you want or them.
Dave North

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