Re: TLT Slab Side Hoppers

Ian Cranstone

On 13-Sep-09, at 7:40 PM, Don Valentine wrote:
The CNR cars began arriving in 1948 and were amongst the first 70 Ton covered hoppers built until Pullman-Standard began building cars of equal capacity in the 1970s. They were initially built exclusively for grain but after the CNR began to receive 100 Ton cars in 1972 they began to be used for other loadings as you suggest and also for salt loading. An interesting note about these cars was that in addition to most having friction bearings they also had split loading gates. Sometime in the early 1980's a fellow was unloading one of them, opened things up on one side and went around to open the other only to have the car turn over on him and kill him. Within a year or two of that occurrence, and in good part because of the repercussions from it, a friend in the CNR Mechanical Dept. gave the order to scrap the few that remained at that time and all were gone by the end of 1984.

I think Don is confusing two different groups of CN covered hoppers. The 1948-built cars were a smaller two-bay 2000 cu. ft. design -- most were converted to open-top ballast hoppers in 1982, with the last unconverted example surviving until 1989. CN's first slab sides were delivered in early 1951 (CP's first car arrived in 1947, with production cars built in late 1948).

The slab side cars lasted longer, with the last examples being retired in 1995, although their numbers did begin to dip significantly in the latter half of the 1980s. I can't speak to the story cited, but can note that as of the January 1985 ORER there were 903 CN slab side cars still listed (of 1,163 built for CN), which then would have varied in age from 23 to 34 years old. By January 1990 303 cars remained (now 28 to 39 years old).

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

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