Re: Hopper Car with box car roof


Clark Cooper asked:

Is the Acccurail 3-bay hopper car appropriate for this conversion?

Tim O'Connor answered:

Yes, Accurail's model is better than the Bowser (formerly Stewart)
3-bay triple offset hopper. But the resin roof was made to fit the
Stewart body so I'm not sure it would fit the Accurail car.

The photo provided shows a triple hopper built to ARA standard with
"stepped" off-sets in the end panels and the "hat" braces at the top of
the sides. From other photos I recall that the ATSF did have post WWII
AAR standard, triple hoppers. I don't have Richard's book on Santa Fe
open top cars so is there information indicating that the Santa Fe built
"roofed" hoppers from both types of triple hoppers? For some curious
reason Roundhouse (now Athearn) made a model of the ARA off-set side
triple hopper in N scale, but not HO.

Bob Witt

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