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Jim & Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

Darn, I missed that one. I have several different Wegman products and every
one is great. His signals are exquisite. Anyone have a Wegman ART reefer kit
they'd be willing to sell?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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I am surprised that Gerald Glow hasn't responded, since he was instrumental
with the development of this car, and he did the decals with his ALPS

Terry and Gerald thought that the ART reefer from Sunshine could use some
improvements, and Terry proceeded to assemble a better body and then made a
complex acrylic mold box to allow pouring one-piece castings. Terry did
about 50 of these cars, and I know for an absolute fact that Terry will not
be making any more-EVER (He has all he wants)! Terry is immersed in bringing
his tri-color LED equipped US&S H2 searchlight signals to market and isn't
entertaining any ideas of other projects, especially at this time.
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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