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Mike -

I sure would like to see each of those photos! Wow! Consider yourself HOUNDED!!

Here is the link to an NYC diagram for the 5-container car (air-activated cement containers):


(99) of these 5-container cars were converted from USRA steel gons in March, 1946.

A.T. Kott

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I hate to admit this since time is tight lately and I don't have a slide scanner, but I have photos that will help you.? One is of a DL&W car that's derailed and on its side with the containers in it, and the photographer was looking straight into the top of the car -- couldn't ask for a better shot.? I printed this one from a negative in a private collection many years ago, so I'll scan it next time I'm home and sitting.? It clearly shows four steel supports that bolted to the car sides that supported the sides of the canisters.

I also shot slides of a few rotting DL&W ACF cement-canister gondolas for a presentation to Steamtown and elsewhere to save the cars. My effort led to the corporate lawyers owning the property?and?not wanting to bother to hastily and quietly scrap them.? But I did photograph them thoroughly, and?over the?floors?were flat steel rings about 3" wide that represented a canister?footprint. These gons were ACF-built, but converted at DL&W's Keyser Valley Shops for cement canisters, so these cannot be counted on as a standard for the other roads.

Keep hounding me off list 'till I scan at least the overhead photo?????????????????????????? ....Mike

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