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Dennis Williams

  One of the kits is #34.14 BREX78200series Burlington Reefer, and the kit #34.15 WFEX 38'8" Reefer. I hope this helps.   Thanks Jim for ALL the useful info on your site.   Dennis Williams (I owed you one!)

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  I do recall that he did a reefer that had all 4 sides molded together.  Just add the roof and floor.  Can not remember which one.  I will see if I can find out. Dennis

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You guys really have my curosity up as to what kit you are talking about. Bill, if it is a one piece body, it is NOT a Sunshine kit, as Martin has never done any one piece castings, except for the quasi gondolas castings.

Paul Lyons

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Actually I think they are a Sunshine kits cast as a one piece body. They come with brass foot holds for the roof, and a choice of ice hatch covers.

From the photo I have showing the outside metal roof from a relatively high angle, I determined the number of roof ribs was not correct, so I removed the ones that were cast on and replaced them with strip styrene. I think my two models are still pictured on the Steam Era website. I used a combination of Sunshine, Champ and Terry's decals. Based on a recommendation I saw I think in the MPHS magazine, I used Modelflex D&RGW gold to paint the sides. I built two, one w/fans and still have two unbuilt kits

Bill Welch

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I am preparing a presentation on ART models for the Missouri Pacific
Historical Society meeting in Omaha. I have two of these models, but
unfortunately did not keep the instructions. Can someone provide me with details on
these kits? I know the numbers series, and have built the models, but I
believe they were modifications of a PFE wood-sided reefer. I'd like to know
how they differ from the PFE car and any other tidbits of information. Do
I have the name right? Has anyone else built the ART version? Want to
send me a photo to include in the talk?


Jerry Michels

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