ART wood reefers by Terry Wegman

Bill Welch

I am sorry my message was poorly worded and created so much confusion. To clarify I hope, Terry took a what I believe was a Sunshine kit, assembled sides, ends and put a roof on it, although I not sure whose roof it was, and cast some for himself and some of us were able to get some. I my case I think I acquired 3 of the 4 kits I ended up with from a friend. These were never distributed widely, and were an insider "friend of Terry's" kind of thing.

There are model photos of ART 20555 and 22428 on the Steam Era Freight Cars website under models built from these castings.

The aforementioned BREX &WFEX Sunshine kits are truss rod kits with double board roofs with side and ends cast as one unit. I used FGE Sunshine sides and scratch built the ends and roof to create the patterns for these.

Bill Welch

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