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No authorities having stepped forward, I'll take a guess at it ... maybe I'm misinterpreting the picture, but the car looks to me like a normal 36-footer, except that the doorstop is a timber which runs the full height of the side. The apparent recess looks to me like a shadow.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Good day all,
Periodically, I go back through my collection of Mainline Modelers and Narrow Gauge Gazettes and re-read them. (get a life, right?) In any case, I tend to find various items of interest that I had overlooked or did not apply to my modeling before.
In the September 1984 issue of MM, page 35, there is a photo of a W&LE double sheathed box car, possibly 36'w/truss rods, next to a freighthouse in Brewster, Ohio. The car appears to have a recess in the side to the right of the door approximately the same size as the door. Is this an early attempt at a flush door that will roll into the recess when open or am I interpreting this old photo wrong? This same photo also appears in John B. Corns book on the Wheeling, Vol. 1 but, it is considerably smaller so, no help there.
Does anyone know anything about these cars? The car number may be 21313
however, it is quite fuzzy in the photo. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks and best regards,
Dave Lawler
Avon Lake, Ohio

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