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Dennis Storzek wrote:
But sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. We found the paint scheme in "521 Prototype Lettering Diagrams" published by Wm. K. Walthers, Copyright 1951. While no one has ever accused Walthers decals of being the epitome of accuracy, I'm of the opinion that most things that were done back in the steam era followed some prototype, if for no other reason than it was easier to just copy something seen at trackside rather than having to make it up. Sure enough, a check in the Morning Sun SP&S Color guide uncovers a photo of a six panel SS car in work service. The caption, for what it's worth, says the car is ex-C&NW 122534, which was damaged in a fire. It also states that the car was rebuilt as office car X-285 in 1945, but doesn't say that this was the first use the SP&S put it to.
This is a silly story, Dennis. That single car was never in revenue service for SP&S, nor did Accurail offer it in MOW number(s). And yeah, like the Rutland car, it definitely enhances the reputation of Inaccurail.

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