Re: Cement ContaIner Cars

Tim O'Connor

Jim, photos must be uploaded to the STMFC web site. You can't
attach them to emails, they won't come through. I've love to
see them!

Tim O'Connor

At 9/18/2009 10:05 AM Friday, you wrote:
Don't know if these will post on the list, ergo, I copied Mike D--who may
know how to post them.

These are two photos of the bracing on an LV container car--they were
taken by Dick Steinbrenner in Florence Yard about 35 years ago. LV cars were
all converted from regular gons, unlike the DL&W, which had both converted
and purpose-built cars. I've had a number of these cars in service on my
(now DL&W, formerly CNJ/LV) railroad for 30 years or so--

Jim Dalberg

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