JN reweigh symbol on refurbished boxcars


I'm going to push the envelope on the time frame of the list by just a hair, and am begging the moderator's tolerance as this does concern the disposition of a group of venerable steam era freight cars. The NP's round roof boxcars, ex-DT&I, show reweigh station symbols "JN" at delivery in 1961. Can anyone identify the likely repairer/rebuilder from that symbol?

My best guess is JN stands for Bethlehem Steel's Johnstown, PA plant, but I would appreciate any confirmation that this plant was doing rebuilds in the late 1950s-early 60s time frame, or that they used the JN reweigh symbol.

A.A. Morrison of Buffalo, NY, under two or three different corporate monikers, was the broker of these lease deals and owner of the cars, and he used Greenville Steel Car, also of PA, to repair or rebuild other lots of second-hand boxcars.

If anyone has background information on Mr. A.A. Morrison and his business activity I'd be appreciative to learn of it. He appears to be one of the Morrison freight car and steel clan in upstate New York, but operating as something of a free agent in these freight car leasing agreements. He appears to have approached the NP some time around 1959 upon seeing a business opportunity to help alleviate recurring west coast boxcar shortages).

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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