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Regarding the UP frt conductor books, Larry sent me copies of two trains. Coincidentally, the trains ran on May 13 and May 14 which is interesting to me since my layout simulates May 14 although, of course, any date in the period May/June works. Anyhow, the eastbound train consists primarily of PFE cars carrying lettuce and peas. Following UP practice as noted in my 1949 books, UP did little car blocking on EBs, the rear of the train containing box cars containing lbr and bottles and one GATX tank car...#970...containing wine interspersed within the PFE cars. I assume the train would be iced at Laramie although I don't know the tempature in Laramie which could be anything within 40� and 75� at the 1135AM arrival time.

One thing that might be interesting is to compare train operation and tonnage between 1938 and 1949. The two 1938 trains were pulled by 3919 and 3926, early 4-6-6-4's, the EB with 73 cars, 3335 tons, in route from Rawlins [ MP 683 ] 6:10AM to Laramie [ MP 566 ] 1010AM, 117 miles, 29.25 mph avg [ 97548 ton miles ] . The WB contained primarily PFE MTs, 74 cars, 1950 tons, in route from 540PM Laramie until 935PM to Rawlins...29.87 MPH [ 58246 ton miles ].

Randomly selected train on April 3, 1949, pulled by late 4-6-6-4 3986, 72 cars, 3585 tons, left Rawlins at 420PM, arrived Laramie at 740PM. 35MPH [ 125475 ton miles ]. And April 9, 1949, WB Big Boy 4018, 93 cars, 3300 tons [ 78 MTs ], left Laramie at 130P, arrived Rawlins 530P...4 hrs, 29.25 mph [ 96525 ton miles ]. Hmmm. On April 21, 1949, diesels 1454, 1450, and 1419 left Laramie at 315P, arrived Rawlins at 720P with 81 cars, 3884 tons. 28.65 mph [ 111288 ton miles/hr ]. April 15, Big Boy 4006 left Laramie at 605P, arrived Rawlins 905P...85 cars, 4152 tons. 39 mph [ 161928 ton miles/hr ].

The winner? Big Boy 4006. While conclusions from these data are extremely unreliable because we have no information regarding track conditions [ read that...other trains that might be in the way ], it IS noteworthy that UP found Big Boys superior to a 3 unit diesel at speeds above 25 mph and late Challengers to be equal to a 3 unit diesel at speeds above 25 mph.

Mike Brock

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