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Mike Brock wrote:
The winner? Big Boy 4006. While conclusions from these data are extremely unreliable because we have no information regarding track conditions [ read that...other trains that might be in the way ], it IS noteworthy that UP found Big Boys superior to a 3 unit diesel at speeds above 25 mph and late Challengers to be equal to a 3 unit diesel at speeds above 25 mph.
Ah, if only Sherman Hill could have been consistently operated above 25 mph -- but I assume by "performance" you mean pulling power, or over-the-road speed. Problem is, the diesel was available about a third more hours per month and used 40% of the fuel (though more expensive fuel). Very few railroads which did careful tests thought the comparison was anywhere close in overall operating and maintenance behavior. But this ain't a "steam age" list for locomotives.

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