Re: JN reweigh symbol on refurbished boxcars


JP3: Thanks, I have the NP station symbols, but at delivery to the NP these leaser cars were marked with the codes of the east coast shops where they were refurbished, rather than any NP station. (This took me a while to figure out as GV on some leaser boxcars is the symbol for Glendive, MT, but turns out to have been Greenville, PA.)

Just this evening I found confirmation in NP president's correspondence that the round roof cars in question were refurbed at DT&I's shops as Mark Heiden pointed out in his reply, so this "JN" was for Jackson, OH. DT&I was the previous owner of the first two groups of round roof cars the NP got, so it makes good sense. Interesting that the third lot of round roof cars the NP leased (in 1962) were also worked on by DT&I at Jackson, even though in that case the cars originated with the N&W.

Incidentally the N&W 50-ft round roof cars differed in a couple of visible design features (side sills, side panels and framing) from the PRR and DT&I 50 foot double door cars. I think N&W shops expanded their own 50-ft plan from the base PRR X-31 40-ft plan, rather than adopting the PRR's own 50ft design.

Apparently the rest of NP's leasers (most ex-Erie and DLW AARoid boxcars ca. 1937-41, and later a lot of LV PS-1s) were repaired and updated at Greenville Steel Car. My thanks to Matt Herson, Jim Eager, and Eric Neubauer for helping me along with this research over the past few years.

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Think that might be Jamestown. Ask Rick Leach for a complete list of NP paint station codes. AU, ST, etc., etc., etc.


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