Re: UP Freight Conductors' Train Books

Wendye Ware

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"I assume the train would be iced at Laramie although I don't know the tempature in Laramie which could be anything within 40° and 75° at the 1135AM arrival time."

Mike, the temperature in Bosler (MP 585), 19 miles north of Laramie, was 60 degF at 9:50am on that day. See the last page of the scans that I sent you. The conductors were required to keep temperature records of their trains.

By the way, the ice house that you mention burned to the ground in February of this year. The outbuildings did the same about a month ago, and arson is suspected. The outbuildings had some cabinet doors built from plywood siding from PFE reefers - portions of the painted shields and car number were well preserved.

Best wishes,
Larry Ostresh
Laramie, Wyoming

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