Re: More about Freight Conductors' Train Book, 1938

Wendye Ware

--- In STMFC@..., "Mike Brock" <brockm@...> wrote:
The PM is a puzzle. Could these be PRR?

Hi Mike

These puzzled me too, so I checked the car numbers against the ORER for January, 1938: All of them are valid PM numbers.

81009 XM
91610 XAR
88098 XM
71108 XAP/XM
86636 XAF/XM
71145 XAP/XM
92328 XAF
71314 XAF/XAP/XM
90701 XAF
91616 XAR
90955 XAR
91719 XAR
90855 XAR
71100 XAP/XM
92290 XAF
89440 XAF/XM

Of course, the numbers could be from other roads as well - I haven't checked whether any of them might have come from the PRR.

Best wishes,

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