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Also: As Tim Gilbert would point out, the economic conditions in 38 and 49
are different, so comparing representation in the 38 to 49 books is slightly
suspect. Larry does have a nice sample of one region at one point in time,
so it will be interesting to see what falls out after he gets through more
of the data.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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Quick look observations.

Ferguson's book confirms the relatively larger number of SP box cars and
unknown cars that my Fraley shows compared to their % of the national fleet.

The WP number is a surprise since my Fraley shows WP as under represented.
Many of the others appear to be similar to my Fraley...CB&Q, C&NW and Milw
are relatively higher. The PM is a puzzle. Could these be PRR? Also, both
PRR and NYC seem to be under represented.

I note also a much higher number of SFRD cars.

Mike Brock


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