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Well Tony, sort of a combination.? I realized my error after I wrote it but sent it anyway to see the reaction and make the most of it.? You caught it too quick.? Since reefers were involved I expected to get a little more mileage out of it.?

Chalk the whole thing up to inhaling too many fumes from MEK while trying to assemble the bridge from hades.


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Rich Orr wrote:
The discussion about bullion has centered on metals.? What about
bullion as a soup base -- liquid, powdered or more likely during our
time period cubes?? Vegetable based bullion would be a byproduct of
processed vegetable crops since most bullion is made by boiling
scraps in water then concentrating the result product.
Unless Rich has tongue violently thrust into cheek, he is
confusing "bullion" with "bouillon."

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